Opening hours

Readers’ Registration Centre

Monday–Friday 9.00–18.00

Main Reading Room

Monday–Friday 9.00–18.45, Saturday 9.00–14.00

Main Catalogue and Scientific Information Department

Monday–Friday 9.00–18.45, Saturday 9.00–14.00

Interlibrary loan

Monday–Friday 8.00–15.00

Local Lending Department

Monday–Friday 12.00–14.00

Manuscripts Department

Monday–Friday 9.00–17.45

Early Imprints Depart­ment

Monday–Friday 9.00–15.00

Car­to­gra­phy Depart­ment

Monday–Friday 9.00–15.00

Microforms Department

Monday–Friday, 9.00–15.00, Wednesday 9.00–18.45

Serials Department on Sołtysowicka 24 Str.

Monday–Friday 9.00–17.00

Documents of Social Life Department on Sołtysowicka 24 Str.

The reading room is temporarily closed